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  • fast & permanent rat control
  • humane squirrel, raccoon, and bat removal
  • control and remove animals in the attic
  • seal the home to prevent any other problems with Ocala animals - living or dead

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Gainesville Rat Control

NUISANCE CONCERNS: I operate a professional Gainesville rodent control company, specializing in the extermination and complete control of rats in the house and especially, the most common problem that we deal with, rats in the attic. If you hear noises coming from the attic, or hear rats in the ceiling, it's important to address the matter right away. The problem will only get worse if you leave it untreated with time. You may want to know how to kill rats, but it's important to know that it's not just about rats extermination, but rather rat prevention. Yes, the rats must be removed via rat trapping, but they must be sealed out of the building entirely for the job to be complete with full success rate. We deal with all rodents, including mice. If you have a mouse problem, such as mice in the attic, and need to get rid of mice, we can provide that service as well. We are experts at Ocala mouse control, where the same rat trapping and exclusion principles apply. 


Ocala Rat Exterminator: Rats are notoriously disease-ridden. They are largely credited with being the source of the Black Plague (1347-1351), which wiped out over one-third of the civilized world's population. They carry bubonic plague, dengue fever, ebola virus, hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, cryptosporidiosis, Q fever (the most infectious disease in the world), leptospirosis, and rabies.


Squirrel Removal In Ocala? 1. Our Sure Ocala Squirrel Program is a service for sealing up all entry points this includes the construction Gainesville rat gap around the roof line and roof vents and gable vents. If we perform this service the removal part of the animals is free. 2. Simple raccoon trapping session this service is very limited as no one can make the animals go in a trap but we still offer it. 3. Installing a device called a tunnel web at known entry points. This service and the device will give the animals a way to exit from but not gain entry back into the structure.

Look at these two photos, and you'll see that the similarities are obvious. The photo on the left is a typical space alien, referred to by UFO experts as a "Grey." On the right is a typical grey squirrel. Note that both have large, dark, shiny eyes, greyish coloring, and a pointy face. Conclusion: the alien on the left is a more highly evolved form of squirrel. They must have left this planet a couple of million years ago, sort of like in that Voyager episode with the Dinosaur aliens. Only this is, of course, for real.

If you need additional proof, consider the similarity in behavior:
  • Squirrels come down from the trees and pick up acorns.
  • Space aliens come down from the sky and pick up humans.


Their big brothers are OUT THERE





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Gainesville Rat Exterminator - mouse and rodent control

Rodent Removal Ocala was created to educate homeowner's and to provide valuable information on the diseases and damage caused by squirrels, rats, mice. and other rodents that have become a nuisance and to resolve rodent infestations by removal and rodent proofing Gainesville homes and buildings. Rodent Removal Gainesville provided by Ocala squirrel and bat removal, specializes in non-chemical removal of rodents in your home or building. We use humane trapping methods to rid your house of these unwanted critters. Our goal is to provide the customer with the best rodent removal and exclusion services in the Ocala area at an affordable price, and to protect the property and health of homeowner's and family members alike. Whether your rodent problem is past or present, or maybe you would like to prevent any future rodent infestations from occurring, Gainesville raccoon removal can stop costly damage from rodents and keep your family safe from health related problems associated with rodents.


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