John Gotschalk

Webmaster's Note: This is from the book: Historical View of Clinton County, by D.S. Maynard, published in 1875.

Probably the first actual settler in what is now Gallagher township, was John Gotschalk, who located on the turnpike leading from Jersey Shore to Coudersport, about the year 1835. The region at that time was a wilderness inhabited only be wild animals; but with the energy and perseverance that characterizes the pioneer, Mr. Gotschalk cleared a patch and built a log house. Not long after he took possession of his forest home, probably the ensuing winter, there was a heavy fall of snow, which covered the ground to such a depth that it was impossible for him to get out to obtain supplies, and he with his family would certainly have perished had it not been that James McKinney, Esq., of Pine Creek, suspected his condition, and with his team attached to a sled broke a road a distance of nine miles, to his dwelling, and assisted him in getting food for his family and live stock.