Lock Haven (Clinton County) Gottshall Information

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Mrs. Mary Gottschall died Mar. 20, 1921 age 74 yrs. (Clinton Democrat, Mar. 25, 1921)

Mrs. Catherine Gotshall died 6/9/1919, age 84 yrs.

Gottshall, Levi (Jersey Shore), died 8/20/1932, age 75.

Gottshall, Wm., died Dec. 9, 1923 age 73.

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Gotschall's Salve [Chatham's Run] manufactured by William Gotschall is a sure cure for burns, toothache, cramp, sores on horses, etc. Cheap. (Weekly Journal, 1/15/1880)

Gottschall, Samuel S. [Caldwell, Pa.] died 5/22/33, age 40. Int. Fritz Cemetery, Caldwell. (Lock Haven Ex. 5/22/33)

Gotschall, Edward H. married Knorr, Etta 8/22/1916, 2nd Wife Bower, Anna Mae Married 11/22/1944 [Etta died 8/3/1935 age 34].

Gotschall, Thomas Married Marshall, Agnes 7/29/1897

Gotshall, Mary married Young, J.M. 7/17/1872

Gottschall, Ambrose died 4/24/1935 [Caldwell] - age 74. Ella Conway [wife of Ambrose] died 8/2/1931 age 64 yrs.

Gottschall, Amos married Biser, Lizzie 6/25/1896. Died 3/25/1936 age 62 - [Woolrich cemetery]

Gottschall, Benjamin died 3/25/1939 age 87. [wife] Catherine Eliz. Wenrick died 4/10/1933 age 76.

Gottschall, Charity [Mrs. Thomas] died 11/20/1914 age 80 yrs.

Gottschall, Elizabeth died 10/1/1938 age 67 yrs [Woolrich Cem.].