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Rats, mice, or other rodents in the attic? Need rat control for your home!
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West Palm Beach Exterminator

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  • West Palm Beach Rat Control   We handle any animal problem. and we perform regular general pest control services for insects as well.  Each of our rat control exterminators are Florida licensed  pest control technicians.  Wildlife Patrol provides integrated pest control services for Pompano Beach and Deerfield Beach. This means we look to solve infestations permanently by sealing the structure and altering the landscaping.



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    Pompano beach rat control


    extermination of rats, mice, and rodents to stop the problem

    removal and control of raccoons 

         West Palm Beach:   561-283-4486 

         Pompano Beach:   954-607-7702



    West Palm Beach Exterminators

    We are not just rat and mouse exterminators in West Palm Beach. We also do Pompano Beach rat control and correct the structural problems that have allowed these pest rodents into your home. Norway Rats (sewer rats), Roof Rats and the common house mouse can be eliminated. Whether you're located in West Palm Beach, Miramar, Deerfield Peach or Pompano Beach, our rat experts can help. Perhaps you have killed a few rats or mice with traps but these animals keep coming back. Or there is a smell/odor of something dead because poison bait was placed improperly. Don't worry, no rodent infestation is beyond hope of control.

    Rat burrows can be found along the attic or roof foundations, or beneath rubbish and shubbery outside your West Palm Beach home. If the burrow is active it usually clear of vegetation. Rat runways are smooth and well packed. Indoors, these runways are free of dust and dirt.

    YES, THERE IS A SOLUTION! We can rid almost any building in the West Palm Beach area of rodent infestation by: Trapping and/or baiting out the existing population of rodents Removing contaminated nesting material to break the residual scent trail Treatment with a powerful disinfectant which reduces disease and odor Modifying the building to resist future entry and re-infestation.

    RODENT FACTS Everyone agrees that no rat control program for rodents provides either "Do-It- Yourself" guidance, or our professional exterminator tools and talent to make your environment less rodent friendly. KNOWLEDGE Our rodent control experts have spent years observing and learning about rodent behavior, and now use that knowledge to select proper control tools and techniques. To receive a pest control license, a competitor's technician only needs to be tested on knowledge of rodent biology. Our technicians are more than just licensed... they understand rodent actions, capabilities and patterns. We can effectively control these animals.



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